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Outstanding Features & Automations

We created efficient Restaurant Billing System, where expertise meets innovation.

We're here every step of the way making sure you and your team deliver. We're here every step of the way making sure you and your team deliver

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Create GST bills that comply with goods and services tax law of India.

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Track complete Inventory with all types of units like kg , gms, liters , etc.

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GST Reports

This software generates GST reports with Including & Excluding GST.

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Backup your all data to your Local drive to safe your data.

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Restore your old data from your local drive to the software database.

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Table-Wise Bill

Manage table-wise bills with details like waiter bill no, date & time, etc.

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Parcel Sale

Parcel Sale window with touch screen functionality for quick sales.

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Token Generation

Auto generate Token number for parcel sale to make service eaiser.

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KOT Print

Generate KOT (Kitchen Order Ticket) with auto generate order no.

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Unlimited Tables

Add unlimited tables with capacity and section.

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Unlimited Food Items

Add unlimited food items for your sales

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Payment Modes

Add multiple payment modes for settling the bills.

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Unlimited Sections

Add unlimited sections for multi section/floor restaurant.

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Cancel Pin

Set cancel pin to cancel items from table bills.

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Day End

Day End operation to end the day sales.

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Multi User

To add sales staff and give them limited controls.

Fast & Powerful way to generate your bill

Our billing system is designed with the keyboard based technology to ensure accuracy, speed, and ease of use.

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Realtime Reports about your Sales

Designed to be Secure and User-friendly

Our user-friendly interface stands out for its simplicity and efficiency, empowering your staff to navigate the system with ease. Daanapani prioritizes data security, safeguarding your sensitive information with robust measures.

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“Using Daanapani in my hostel has saved me so much time. It's simple and effective.

Yogesh Bansode

“Daanapani's keyboard-based system is so easy. It is very easy to understand and use.

Vikas Chaudhary

“The new KOT feature is really good. it has reduced most of the load from counter.”

Rajan Shirsat

“This is a great software. It is fast and simple which is really helpful.”

Pravin Kamble

“My experience with this software has been really good. It is keyboard-based which makes it very fast.”

Nikita Hanchate

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We offer a free trial period for our software, during which you can fully evaluate its features and functionalities.

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